Marti Hubbard, Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.
Master Gemologist Appraiser®A.S.A.

Although I have experience and expertise in appraising all types and forms of jewelry as well as gemstones, I have a particular interest in antique and vintage jewelry and have attended "Jewelry Camp" twice to further study these areas. Those presenting classes included auctioneers of jewelry in the U.S. and Europe, jewelers with antique and vintage samples for a hands-on inspection, new discoveries after gemological testing of the Crown Jewels, how to identify antique items and "vet" or judge whether an item for sale is correctly priced and labeled.

I have appraised the "Star of Arkansas, which is the second largest diamond discovered in the U.S. The "Star" is an extraordinary 8 ct. marquise cut “sliver” diamond that was owned by a private Tucson resident.

I work the Tucson Gem and Mineral show in a booth identifying various gems.

In addition, I constantly increase my knowledge and expertise through seminars and classes, such as:

  • Latest developments in pearls and pearl grading
  • Synthetic (man-made) diamonds and how to identify them
  • Identifying synthetic vs. natural gemstones
  • New diamond cut grades
  • Amethyst from Four Peaks, AZ
  • American Indian Jewelry
  • Improvements in gemological equipment
  • New localities where diamonds and gemstones are being mined
  • Valuation of treated gemstones and diamonds
  • Latest developments in platinum
  • Identification of ivory, bone and other organic materials used in jewelry
  • Jade and jade treatments
  • Cameos
  • Opals
  • Appraisal practices and new procedures

100 hours of continuing education is required within a five year period to maintain the Master Gemologist Appraiser® designation. At the end of each period I attend classes regarding the latest appraisal practices and gemological updates and am retested. I also study the latest developments in the UNFORM STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL APPRAISAL PRACTICES and am retested on those as well.

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